Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Junk food lowers IQ

The human brain now faces a challenge never before encountered in its thousands of generations of development. During the past century, something has become fundamentally different with many of the fats we now consume. Modern food processing techniques have actually altered a basic building block of the brain. And not for the better.

Trans fatty acids found in foods like french fries, margarine, potato chips and anything else with partially hydrogenated oil disrupt communication in your brain. Trans fatty acids are rarely found in nature and are mostly man made.

By modifying natural fats, we have altered the basic building blocks of the human brain – weakening the brain's architecture. And, like unstable buildings that come apart in an earthquake or storm, poorly structured human brains are failing to cope with the mounting stress of modern life.

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Dr. Art Ayers said...

But maybe the point is that the modern diet makes us less susceptible to infectious diseases. We claim that Western hygiene keeps us well, but maybe it is the inflammatory Western diet.
Just a thought.